Suggestions for Camp Directors

off to camp book cover by myra pravda and jeanne weiland

Bob Ditter thinks OFF TO CAMP is a very useful book and says it is "A great resource for parents and first time campers. A clear, simple and easy to read book that conveys, in a realistic way, the experiences of going "off to camp".

The Updated New Second Edition of OFF TO CAMP has a DVD for Parents with useful information on sending their child to camp.

Suggested uses for Camp Directors:

  • Recommended reading for prospective campers and their families with DVD for parents.

  • Give new campers a copy of the book with your camp label inside.

  • Suggest the reading OFF TO CAMP on YOUR CAMP'S WEBSITE with a link to us. We will include your camp in our Choosing a Camp and Links Sections.
  • Take a copy of OFF TO CAMP with you when you go to house parties and home visits. Raffle or give away a copy signed by you.
  • Include excerpts from the book in your mailings to prospective and new camp families with ordering information via
  • One of the many issues addressed in OFF TO CAMP is homesickness. One way of helping is by addressing homesickness in a letter or in your parent handbook with the suggestion to read the book.
  • We will provide free brochures to you to take to house parties and include in your mailings.
  • Offer the book in your camp store for campers/parents to purchase.
  • Integrate the book into staff orientation to increase sensitivity to campers' feelings.
  • Keep a copy in your camp library and Health Center as a resource.
  • Many counselors read OFF TO CAMP to the younger campers the first few nights of camp. This leads to expressing feelings they all share. The staff can discuss how the fictional Camp Trailwinds is similar to or different from your camp.

For additional information please email or call:

Myra Pravda
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