book reviews for Myra Pravda and Jeanne Weiland's book Off to Camp


Summer vacation is coming! Samantha Edwards decides to go to overnight camp. Which one will she choose? What should she bring?

Samantha does not know what to expect at camp. She is surprised when she makes a new friend the very first day and gets a new nickname, Sammy

Discover for yourself what camp is all about...

  • Choosing a camp
  • Getting ready to leave
  • Saying good-bye
  • Seeing a camp for the first time
  • Making new friends
  • Camp activities and lots more!

After reading Off to Camp, boys and girls, moms and dads, camp directors, teachers and librarians have all enjoyed the book and found it both helpful and informative.

"This is a good book for kids going to camp for the first time. I learned how you get ready for camp, what camp is all about and that camp is really fun."
    - Tommy Kief, 5th grader

"A great resource for parents, first time campers and new counselors too! A clear, simple and easy to read book that conveys, in a realistic way, the experiences of going "off to camp."
    - Bob Ditter, M.Ed.,LCSW

"I learned that going to camp is not scary."
    - Jenni Logan, 4th grader

"A great book for first-time camp families."
    - Mitch Reiter, Director Camp Townada

"It's books like Off to Camp! which make camp a better experience for children."
    - Linda E. Erceg, RN, MSN. Concordia Language Villages

"An excellent book for display and book talk. Highly recommended for children."
    - Sandy Baden, Multi-media specialist

"My class loved the book Off to Camp! and wanted to keep reading more every day. A great resource."
    - Cindy Friedman, 3rd grade teacher